Pier Stockholm

Pier Stockholm is an artist applying architectural, engineering, historical, scientific or organisational principles to everyday experience by utilizing his work station as a center piece for numerous installations, drawings or sculptural/object based works. He appropriates, designs, builds, constructs, and “curates” his tools, objects and materials together in both his studio and unique gallery spaces such as Galería Lucía de la Puente, Lima; Casa Triângulo, Sao Paolo, Lisabird Contemporary, Vienna; as well as Galeria Casado Santa Pau, Madrid,  who will present his work at ARCO 2015. His works have been featured at art institutions such as De Vleeshal, Middelburg; Casino, Luxembourg and Espace Paul Ricard, Paris.  The Weight of References, recently published by One Star Press, Paris last November 2014, is his first published artist book.
1977  Lima, Peru.
Lives and works in Paris.

 "Do & Hope". Gleichapel. Paris, France.
2014   "Elephant Island". Galería Lucía de la Puente. Lima, Peru. 
2013   “Time & Tide (flow wide)”. Galeria Casado Santa Pau. Madrid, Spain.
       “Head On”. Lisabird Contemporary. Vienna, Austria.
2012   “Prismatic”. Casa Triângulo gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.
2011   “USURPATION: Le Folklore”. Lucia de la Puente Gallery. Lima, Peru.
2010   “INRI”. Casa Triângulo gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.
       “Prozac Garden”. Galería Moro. Santiago, Chile.
2009   “God (and Le Corbusier) promises a safe landing (but not a calm voyage)”. Casado SantaPau Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
       “Stockholm”. Lucía de La Puente Gallery. Lima, Peru.
2006   “Manimal.” De Vleeshal. Middleburg, Holland.
2005   “Santa Cruz.” Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.
2003   “Burocracia.” Paço Das Artes. São Paulo, Brazil.
2015   ARCO, Lucia de la Puente gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2014   UNTITLED. Miami Art Fair with Rincón Projects. Miami, USA. 
       “Light / Color / Object”. Super Dakota. Brussels, Belgium.
       ARCO with Casado SantaPau Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2013   “Proyecto Santa Fe”. Curated by RL Platform. Bogota, Colombia.
       “Universos Paralelos”. Curated by Caroline Briceño. Geneva, Switzerland.

2012   Vienna Art Fair. Galerie Eugen Lendl, curated by Lisa Kandlhofer.
       SOART artist in residence exhibition, Millstättersee, Austria
       Artpark Villa Bulfon, curated by Helmut Feier and Lisa Kandlhofer. Velden am Wörthersee, Austria.
       SP ARTE with Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.

2011   “Choix De Paris”. Curated by Elsy Lahner. Cité des Arts exhibition space. Paris, France.
       “MOTION OF A NATION”, Curated by Antonio Arévalo. V.M.21 gallery. Rome, Italy.
       THE ARMORY SHOW with Lucia de la Puente Gallery. New York, USA.
       ARCO with Casado SantaPau Gallery. Madrid, Spain.
       People In The City . Curated by Rincón Projects + Laura Saenz O'Mara + Melissa Barbagallo, Pop-Up Show.    NYC, USA

2010   FRIEZE art fair with Casa Triângulo Gallery. London, England.
       “Archi- Chaos”. Curated by Julia Van Hagen - ArtStanding, invited by Kenny Schachter. Rove Projects space.   London, England.
       ArtBO art fair with Lucía de la Puente Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.
       “Now Or Never”. Curated by Rincón Projects. Bogotá, Colombia.
       SP-ARTE. São Paulo art fair with Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.
       ”Best Of”,. Nathalie Obadia Galerie invites Artfact'Paris. Brusseles, Belgium.
       ARCO with Lucia de la Puente Gallery(Lima-Peru) and with Casa Triângulo Gallery (Sao Paulo-Brazil).
       “Everyday(s)”. Curated by Fabienne Bernardini and An Schiltz. Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’art      contemporain. Luxembourg.

2009   “EX 1000cm2 Art Magazine”. Collaboration in artist-run publication/exhibition. Paris, France.
       ARCO with Lucia de la Puente Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2008   “Visiones del Arte Contemporáneo en el Perú”. Curated by Armando Williams. Galería Lucía de la Puente. Lima, Peru.
       “Doméstico 08: El Papel del Artista”. Curated by Doméstico collective: Virginia Torrente, Teodora Diamantopoulos, Joaquín   García, Andrés Mengs and Giulietta Speranza. Madrid, Spain.
       “Free Dimensionality.” Silver Shed project space. New York, USA.    
       “Microresidencias Parasit(i)o.” MeetFactory exhibition space. Prague, Czech Republic.

2007  “Double Take.” Salle Melpomène, L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, France.
      “Ici et là-bas.” Curated by Catalina Lozano. Ville de Guyancourt, France. FIAC with ColletPark Galerie. Paris, France.
      “Godard.” Curated by Luis Lama. Centro Cultural España (AECI), Lima, Peru. 
      “Double Take.” KNUA Gallery. Seoul, South Korea.“Frontera.” Curated by Miguel Zegarra. Galería Vertice. Lima, Peru.
      “Godard.” Curated by Luis Lama. Centro Cultural España (AECI), Lima, Peru.

2006  “L’usage du monde,” video “Fly Machine” in collaboration with Keja Kramer. Rijeka Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.   Croatia.
      “Urbe.” Curated by Cauê Alvez. Casa Triângulo Gallery. São Paulo, Brazil.
      ARCO with Casa Triângulo Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2005  “AU-DELA DU COPAN: Beyond the Copan, Supernatural Urbanism.” Curated by Martin Grossmann (Brazil), Eduardo Aquino (Canada) and Carlos Cardenas (France). Espace Paul Ricard. Paris, France.

2004  “Paralela.” Curated by Moacir Dos Anjos. São Paulo, Brazil.
      “Artista-Personagem.” Curated by Daniela Labra. Centro Cultural Maria Antonia. São Paulo, Brazil.
      “Artista-Personagem.” Curated by Daniela Labra. Casa da Cultura de Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

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2011 SOART residence. Millstättersee, Austria.
2010 Malongen Nordic Guest Studio. Stockholm, Sweden .
2008 Microresidencias Parasit(i)o, in co-operation with MeetFactory. Prague, Czech Republic.
2006-2008 La Seine (ENSBA postgraduate program) Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts Paris, France.
2008 Residence in Ahmedabad, Índia as part of a collaboration between NID (National Institute of Design) and La Seine at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts, Paris.
2007 Residence at MONGIN Art studios, Seoul, South Korea as part of collaboration between KNUA Program (Korean National University of Arts) and La Seine at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts, Paris.
2006-2007 Cité Internationale des Arts. Paris, France.
2002-2005 Master in Fine Arts. Universidade de São Paulo (ECA-USP), Brazil.
2002 Reflection on drawing with Dudi Maia Rosa. Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil.
1995-2001 Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Universidad Ricardo Palma (URP). Lima, Peru.
1998 Contemporary art studies with Prof. Julio Sanchez. Corrientes, Argentina.

Albertina Museum. Vienna, Austria.
SBKM / De Vleeshal at MuHKA (Museum Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen).