Amy Jean Porter

For over a decade I've drawn more than 1,200 species for my ongoing project "All Species, All the Time." I'm interested in the places where human culture intersects with the natural world. Here there is joy, tragedy, absurdity, terror, confusion, and humor. I want to understand how we relate to animals and how that is changing with the advent of new technologies. My drawings are a kind of natural history experiment and homage to the life around us. I'm currently working on a series of monarch butterflies (whose amazing migration is quickly diminishing) and a series of vulnerable hedgehogs (whose numbers are rapidly dwindling). -Amy Jean Porter




1975  Indianapolis, Indiana
      Lives and works in Bethany, Connecticut


2015 Social Butterflies, Gleichapel, Paris, France
2012 Of Lamb, Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Oregon
2011 The Making Of Lamb, Real Art Ways, Hartford
2011 Of Lamb, P.P.O.W. (project room), New York
2008 Freaked Out Monkeys in the Trees, Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago, and Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio
Tiny Horses Say What, Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago
2005 Birds of North Africa Speak French and English Both at Once, G-Module, Paris
2003 North American Mammals Speak the Truth and Often Flatter You Unnecessarily, Debs and Co., New York
2002 Birds of North America Misquote Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection, Debs and Co. (project room), New York

-- I Can't Spell Group without a You, Lovey Town

-- Tweet, Children's Museum of the Arts, New York

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-- The Words and Pictures Show, Matthea Harvey & Amy Jean Porter, Flying Object, Hadley, Massachusetts (catalogue)
-- A Perfect Day, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
-- Out of Nature: An Exhibition of Alternatives, The Institute Library, New Haven (curated by Stephen Kobasa)
-- Wings: The Imagery of Flight, Seattle ArtResource
-- Washington Project for the Arts Auction Gala, Katzen Arts Center, American University
-- Seriously, Funny: Without Borders V, University of Maine, Orono
-- Lots of Things Like This, Apex Art, NY (catalogue; curated by Dave Eggers)
-- G-Salon, G-Module, Paris
-- Aqua Wynwood, Miami (Lisa Boyle Gallery)
-- Year_07 Art Projects, London (Lisa Boyle Gallery and G-Module)
-- A Drawing Show, Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago
-- Millay Colony Artists, Columbia Council on the Arts Gallery, Hudson, New York
-- John/Jane Project, Artspace, New Haven, CT
-- Tiny Horses Say What, Tinlark Gallery, Los Angeles
-- Why Look at Animals? Artspace, New Haven, CT (curated by Denise Markonish)
-- Beast, Finesilver Gallery, Houston
-- Small Stories: A Mini-Comics Reading Room, Memphis College of Art, Tennessee
-- 19th Drawing Show, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts
-- Aqua Art Miami (Lisa Boyle Gallery)
-- FIAC, Paris (G-Module)
-- Haskins Laboratories, Yale University (Artspace satellite show), New Haven, CT
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-- Birds of North America. . ., Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA

-- Spider, Man (an arty comic book; Hic & Hoc/Flying Object)
-- Of Lamb (collaboration with Matthea Harvey; McSweeney's Books)

-- Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine (Cabinet Books, 2012)
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-- Greetings from the Ocean's Sweaty Face: 100 McSweeney's Postcards (Chronicle, 2009)

-- Lucky Peach; drawings for issue 6 "The Apocalypse"
-- Meatpaper; artist's sketchbook (issues 14, 17, 19)
-- Graze; cover art for issue 2
-- How To Be: North Dakota; cover art for humor book by Abe Sauer (fall 2011)
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-- Cabinet magazine; artist’s project, Birds of North America Misquote Hip-Hop and Sometimes Pause for Reflection (summer 2002)
-- Columbia (annual journal of art and literature); cover art (2002)

-- 20x200; limited-edition prints
--; "Drawings in a Hurry" (monthly-ish series, 2009–11)
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-- Pierogi, Brooklyn; flat files (
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-- University of New Haven, CT; lecturer (2012-current)
-- Umpqua Community College, OR; visiting artist (November 2012)
-- Artspace New Haven, CT; public school program (spring 2012)
-- Weir Farm NHS, Wilton, CT (February 2007)
-- Millay Colony, Austerlitz, NY (May 2006)
-- New York Studio Program; visiting artist (April 2005)
-- The Cleveland Institute of Art; visiting artist (January 2005)
-- Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA; lecturer (2002–2003)
-- Burren College of Art, Co. Clare, Ireland; lecturer (1999–2000)

Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, TX

Deutsche Bank

2000 -- M.Phil. Textual and Visual Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

1997 -- B.A. Humanities, Yale University